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Vertex Install Best Practices


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Hello All,
We finally pulled the trigger and purchased Vertex. I spoke with vertex support today and have been reading through the documentation. I'm curious if you've put the vertex database on your JD Edwards database server or have put that DB by itself on a different server?
Also it was suggested by support that we would install vertex on each of our JDE 'Logic' servers. We have 2 logic servers for production, and 2 for PY, so according to that we'd be installing vertex on 4 machines?
We are all windows/SQL.
Thanks for any feedback.

E1 9.1
Win 2008 X64
SQL 2008 R2


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Hi Marshall,

We have the Vertex database on our main ENT server (this is the server we use for all "system" tables, Pathcode environments and such), and have the Vertex programs installed on our ENT server, as well as all three of our Batch servers (due to our multiple member environments, we have 9-10 members processing each on their own batch server).

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Dave,
We've done the install, but we're struggling to get JDE to communicate with vertex. We installed the vertex apps/utils on our PY Logic server, and the Vertex SQL db on our PY SQL DB server. The vertex utilities work fine, we can run the test app, pull geocodes etc. But we can not get JDE to communicate with vertex. The only error we get is in the jde.log during startup,
"B0000182:IB0000182_InitializeQuantumSalesTax: Failed to connect to GeoCode Database"

This is for Vertex Q 4.0
all windows x64 (although we installed the 32bit apps)
Sql 2008R2.


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For anyone who may read this, we resolved our issue. We had the database connection parameters wrong on the P7308. We went at this 10 different ways thinking it had to be more complicated than that, and it wasn't.


BGEE has rekindled my desire to mod.Can anyone recommend a good best practices reference?The WeiDU docs tell me a lot about what I can do, but not as much about what I should do.Thanks -- N