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Vertex Calculations on Credit Returns


My company is currently using OneWorld XE Update 7 along with Vertex Q Series. Vertex calculates sales tax based on the rates that are applicable on the date of invoicing. Here is the scenario I need help with:
A customer orders a product that is shipped and invoiced in July. The sales tax rate at the time of invoicing is 5%. In August the customer calls to return the product. We enter a credit return in JDE to credit the customer for the product and the sales tax. The issue encountered is that the sales tax rate changed to 6% on August 1st. If I invoice the credit return, the customer is getting credit for the product + 6% sales tax even though he only paid 5% tax on the original order. Since Vertex is always getting tax rates based on the invoice date, how can I get the correct sales tax on the credit return order?
Any help would be appreciated. I'm wondering how other companies handle this situation?


I'm not sure I understand. The credit return order is necessary to return product to inventory. Sales tax is automatically calculated. When the credit order invoices it automatically uses the current date. There is an invoice date that can be specified in processing options for R42565, but that only determines the date that prints on the paper invoice. It isn't actually used for tax calculations.


We are having the same issue with Service Work Order Billing. In our case we our simply voiding an invoice, and getting a different tax rate with the void than with the original I ran the transactions through the Vertex Debug Log and analyzed and found that the effective date (date used in the Tax Rate Lookup to determine the rate) has changed on the credit vs. the original. The dates are in 2 different 'effective date windows', with different rates. The original, not the void, was passing the correct date.

This is as far as I have got; the debug log does not actually tell you which date being passed from JDE to Vertex to determine the 'effective' date. MY JDE DEBUG skills are limited but when I get time I will try to run it to determine the date.
Are you using the Credit Order from History process? If you are then this will allow you to use the Order Date...which will have the original date needed to apply to your new credit order...