Vertex 4.0


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I was thinking to apply ESU JM18061 for Vertex 4 along with Vertex 4 program. I came across from doc.(Doc ID 1674222.1). Now I am thinking to apply Vertex 4.1 directly and no need to worry about ESU.

Seems like there were issues with Vertex 4 and ESU.


The ESU for Vertex Release 4.0 has now been superceded by Vertex 4.1. If you are not on Vertex 4.1, applying the ESU for Vertex 4.0 may cause taxes to not calculate or other system problems.
Hi Ad,

We upgraded to Vertex Payroll Tax Q V4.0 a couple of months ago, but had not yet put in the V4.0 ESU. We have been planning to put in that ESU shortly, so your post got me to take another look at the documents for V4.0 and V4.1. I asked Oracle about the warning and they advised to follow the information in the V4.1 document which says you can put in the ESUs with V4.0 with no problems. The warning in the V4.0 document was ‘just in case’ and there had been no reported issues. And I just checked the document for V4.0 again and they have updated it to say
‘The ESU for Vertex Release 4.0 has now been superceded by Vertex 4.1. Refer to Document 2002367.1: Quantum For Payroll-Vertex Release 4.1 for details.’

Thanks for posting the information. I had a print out of the V4.0 document and might not have gone back to the website and reviewed it there and missed the added warning.

Hi Sandy

I found also that they changed the wording on the document. I called them they said it was by mistake that there are issues.

I downloaded the program 4.1 and applied ESU JM18143 for 4.1 and the JM18061 will become dependency for that.

Now in our test environment I applied ESU for 4.1 along all ESU and users tested everything is good. I have been told that the ESU must need to apply as this has required tax record change.