Versions, Processing Options and Data Selection!


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I need to know some details about versions. In particular, I need to know which table is populated when data selection is set on a version. I've recently used R9830512 (with option to copy specs and processing options) to copy versions from one environment to another. It would appear that processing options have been copied but any data selection that was set on versions in the source environment has not gone across?

The OneWorld release is B7332 SP14 (AS400 Enterprise Server).




Hi Sanjeev,
I am currently focusing on this point in order to provide a robust and stable procedure to the project team in configuring phase ;
I try to apply the following scheme:
withdraw a UDC table from the reference env (ie PY7333) to a working env (ie DV7333) using OMW
then process the desired changes (in DV7333)
Then promote the update table from DV7333 to a production env (ie PD7333) using also OMW
many troubles happened : autorisation granted to the processing profile (ie ADMIN = copy of JDE )
access to the promoted table by other profiles in the production environnement
thus I am still testing and trying to understand what is the right clue ...

PLA - OW Project Mgr - Xe (fin-dist-Mfg) SP16.1 - AIX - Oracle 8i