Versions and Package Builds


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that whenever a new version was created (eithere copied or added) it would=
need to be included in a package build/deploy in order for others users to=
access it. Just recently I've seen a user copy dozens of versions, check t=
hem in via OMW, add them to menus, and then (without me building a package =
with these versions) other users can use and see these new versions.</P>

How is this? I always thought all versions and objects needed to be built a=
nd deployed in a package for all users to see them without checking them ou=
t and overriding local specs. Why didn't a package need to be built? =
Is it because spec files weren't modified for the versions?</P>



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New Objects (UBE's and Versions) are JITI'd to users if they do not already
exist on a Client. If you change an Object then JITI will not work, so
object needs to be deployed - or the user will still be running the old

Note on terminal servers JITI may be disabled - then you do need to do a

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We are in the process of implementing Xe, and have been building packages & deploying both interactive and batch versions, but we are finding that interactive versions seem to be available to all immediately, where batch versions seem to need to be deployed. We have decided to stop building on IV's and watch to see what happens. It would be interesting to hear from others on the list to see what their package build/deployment includes.

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Re: RE: Versions and Package Builds

Carl makes a good point. We found that, in OMW, using a Get would refresh the specs on the developers workstations, but we certainly wouldn't want users having to do this. So, there really is a need for packing/deployment of both interactive and batch versions?

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OneWorld versions are a kind of curious thing.

The right way to be sure that workstations have the right set of versions is building and deploying packages.

However, if a workstation uses a new version (both UBE or IV) for the first time (and it does not have the version's spec into specs), the version is JITIed from central objects to path code's specs. Unfortunately this works only if workstations does not have the specs of the versions. Thats the reason because some time changed versions work and some don't.


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