Versions and Citrix


Hi Everybody,
This site has 3 load balance Citrix servers which on the whole work very
well. Unfortunately, the analysts insist on creating new versions when
attached as thin clients and we get problems with copying and checking the
new version in. I believe that the copy problem is due to the specs to be
copied actually residing on a different Citrix server because on Monday
they could be attached to WTS01 and Tuesday WTS03. The check in problem is
a little more subtle in that I can cure the error messages about no record
in the F9861 and no specs found simply by logging off and on again. I know
that we're not supposed to develop on Citrix clients but any help would be
greatly appreciated.
Rob Fletcher
[email protected]


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We have users creating versions on the WTS setup all the time. People (users) have to understand how it works... It is a simple matter of education (kinda like juggling chainsaws is simple).

Create your version on WTS. Check it in prior to logging off (and potentially getting on to a different WTS server and wondering why it says it is not on the local machine).

Then, there is a deployment consideration. If Bob creates a version (and checks it in) on SERVER A. Then when someone happens to hit SERVER A, then they will see the changes. If they go to SERVER B, then they may not see either the version (if it is new) or the changes to the version (if it already existed).

Then, since we build full packages for clients, users will see all the changes when these are deployed (as long as they were checked in to the deployment server).

Creating and altering versions is not "development" on WTS. Development means getting into RDA, FDA, etc. Now Version Design is RDA. So that is development.