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Versioning of JDE OW application

We have developed Finance and HR application using OW 7331 tool. Can someone
tell me how versioning of objects is controlled in JDE. I want to maintain
old objects also. What are the repercussions of doing so??

OW 7331, NT 4.0, SQL server 7.0



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You may want to look into the OW Development Tools manual, Appendix A: OW Modification Rules, What an Upgrade Preserves and Replaces. If you don't have the B7331 Documentation CD, you may download the attached file AppendixA.zip
PS You NEED to use the JDEList's Forum if you want to download it :)

Adrian Chimirel
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Hi mk,

OW has no built-in support for versioning and due to its architecture (most objects contained within a database) you cannot use 3rd party tools either.

At the B7331 level we gave ourselves a very limited form of versioning as follows:

1. CRP is used for development and testing, not DEV
2. Before objects are moved (transferred) into PROD the CNC admin
copies the current PROD version of the object into DEV - which
becomes the fallback in case we have to back changes out of prod

The key to our approach was using the DEVB733 path as a repository only, which may not work for some.
XE and OMW throws a whole new wrinkle on this - we're still trying to figure out the best approach here.


Larry Jones
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