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Version 'Where Used'


Version \'Where Used\'

I'm looking for any source that can point to where an application version can be traced to 'where it is used' in other versions. Sounds confusing, but as we know, the audit trail can lead to many other processing option versions that 'touch' many more. I can't seem to find any report or query that would tell me where a specific application/version is used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OneWorld XE
Service Pack 15.1
Revision Number 0

Jeff Tannehill

Engelhard Corporation
Environmental Technologies Group


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Re: Version \'Where Used\'

The Object Cross Reference GH902/P980011 will tell you all about objects - files, apps, UBEs but alas not versions. Some PO's refer to other programs and versions. Also bear in mind that Master Business Functions have POs.
Robert Fletcher
7332 SP15.1
AS400 V4R4

hightide1 wrote:


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RE: Version \'Where Used\'

Not sure if you are familiar with Cross Function Facility. Fast Path GH902,
P980011. Application displays many "where used' elements.

Steve Shepard
O'Gara - Hess & Eisenhardt
B733.2, SP 11.3++