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I would like to be able to change the version security on Batch/Interactive versions "in mass" if possible. JDE ships their X and Z versions with security of 1 so you can't edit them through BV or IV. The SAD thing is that you can't even just SEE what the processing options are set to in BV and IV for the X and Z versions. When it comes to some versions, such as those things run from processing options like Master Business Functions, I want to continue using the default version (like ZJDE0001) but want to change the values behind it, which you have to do via IV (or BV). Otherwise I have to create a NEW version, then go change all places that the program calls this version and change what version is used.

In World, this was a no-brainer with Report Version Security. You could do all versions in a form, all versions by User. I know JDE tends to say "Don't change the X and Z versions" but in World, the rule always was that JDE WOULD NOT change the Z versions (but tell you if you should check them out for correctness) after an upgrade but they would freely overwrite any X versions without telling you. Wonder if this still holds true in OW? Sorry for rambling on...

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Unfortunately all of the version details in OneWorld are stored in a BLOB
field so you have to update each version at a time. I've already input some
enhancement SAR but JDE has been short sighted and returned the SAR as a
'reconsider in the future'. You can check out SAR #4650158, may if you and
others ask for the same changes then JDE will rethink how version details
are stored.


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