VAT on Sample Orders

Lipsa Mahapatra


We have a requirement to calculate the taxes on sample orders (FOC orders). Currently, the sample orders are handled through advanced pricing wherein the following adjustments are applied:

1. Base Price

2. Override Sample order price to 0 using advanced pricing

With the new requirement, we tried using accruals(with required accounts setup in 4270 & 4280) which calculates the VAT on the adjusted price for the customer and this value is stored in F4074.

1. Base Price
2. Apply accruals on adjusted price (stored in F4074)
3. Override Sample order price to 0.

However, during sales update F0911 entries are created only for COGS and Inventory and not for accruals. I understand revenue is 0 so it is not affected but how about the accrual. Does the accrual get recalculated on sales update?
For non-zero price, accruals work fine.
I was of the understanding that F4074 stores the accruals and that gets into GL during sales update. But looks like it is getting recalculated.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Thanks in advance!!
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