VAT computation


Dear All,

I am having a problem with the VAT computation. The
item unit price in JDE is 4 decimal places. However,
the VAT invoice issued by the government computes the
VAT using an item unit price of 6 decimal places.

After computation, the government VAT invoice amount
is rounded up to 2 decimal places. This results in a
discrepancy between the JDE computed VAT and the
government computed VAT when the item quantities are

How can I reconcile this difference so that the GL
entry value for VAT is the same as the stipulated
Government VAT?


David Yeoh - Seagram

David Yeoh
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Sounds like you need six decimal places on your unit price. Then you should
arrive at the same calculation as what your government requires. However,
you can't just go into the UPRC field in the data dictionary and change the
display decimals to 6. You need to change every price field including some
work fields to 6. This process is not officially supported by JDE, but I
do have a list of these fields and I have implemented this change many times
at Energy and Chemical companies in the past. For more information, write
to me directly and I'll help you out.


Andy Klee

RMB, Inc.
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