Validation on row exit


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Hello there

I want to know how to validate the column on row exit in Grid.
example if users exit the row I want the field to be validate e.g no blank allow. Is this can be achieve within application or I have to do custom programming?

Thanks in advance.

It depends on the definition/properties of the grid column. For example the column may be edited against the data dictionary rules and specifications. If there are data dictionary overrides that disable editing then validation would need be specifically programmed.

What steps I need to take e.g I want workdate to not allow null/blank. what method I should use or steps?


Check to data dictionary specification for the data item you are using for the work date. If has the rules you need, then it will cause an error when the cell is exited. Otherwise you can use the overrides tab in the column properties and user the data dictionary overrides to set up the edit rule you need. Or in one of the "exited and changed' events (column or row) write code to check the vale and display an error if the value is not correct.
Thanks Peter for help!, good to know about edit rule,

I will use Set Grid Cell Error system function for my requirement and fire if value null etc.