Validate User & Password



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Hi guys,

I need if exists a API to validate user & password. This requirements is because customer buit a application in other technology (PHP) and they need login again jd edwards with a bssv or database...

I've thinked create a custom BSSV for this application call JDE BSSV with user & password parameters and JDE validate with a BSFN for example. I saw a BSFN B98WPWD in application P98OWSEC to change password, this BSFN contain API to change pass "jdeSecAlterPassword(lpDS->szUser, lpDS->szOldPwd, lpDS->szNewPwd)" this API validate & change both, but not is valid for me, I need validate user & password only.

I found a API to encrypt password "jdeEncryptWKey", other idea is encrypt a password parameter and compare to user password in blob field F98OWSEC, it's possible?

other some idea?

Thanks very much.