Validate User BSFN


I am trying to authenticate a user and password combination against JDE E1 v9.0. (Not totally sure in the tools release)

There is a business function named 'ValidateUser' in B9800022 that works great, I'm calling it over the dynamic java connector. However the maximum password length it supports is 10 characters. If an account has a longer password the function fails, even though it can log into JDE through the web interface without issue.

Is there another one that supports longer?


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Prior to the current release (9.2) the maximum length for user ID's and passwords in JDE was 10 characters. Therefore if you are authenticating to JDE by user ID and password you need to keep within 10 characters.


Good info. Some people swear password is 11 or 12 characters long and show me they can login, but maybe JDE just trimmed it? So they type Password1234 and in the database it's Password12.