V4R5 on A7.3


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Has anyone moved to this release, and experienced any performance problems like they have been having in B7 of World.????

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We are on V4R5, A73C8. We did not see any performance degradation, because
we upgraded to V4R5 right before an ISeries upgrade. I suspect we would not
have, however. The only performance problems that were severe, both before
AND after the OS and hardware upgrade, were related to several large files I
have. I had to change these files (F3111, F0911, F4111, and their logicals)
with this parameter: ACCPTHSIZ(*MAX1TB).

I would guess that as the level of the OS becomes more complex, its probably
necessary to bump memory up a bit if you are close to being constrained
prior to the OS upgrade.


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like they have been having in B7 of World.????

Nothing that we have noticed, although we have not run performance manager
since upgrading 4 weeks ago.

Ian Newman

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You probably have already pursued but my .02 worth. We have upgraded 4 machines, all running 7.3.11 (and I think 7.3.8 on one of them) and had no problems whatsoever. Saw no degrade in performance either and there are 3 different models out of those 4 boxes.

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