E9.2 UX One Landing Page performance



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Hi folks

After upgrading to 9.2 we are trying to push ahead with the use of the UX One landing pages, Warehouse Manager P46001X etc

They are excruiatingly slow to not only render data but to work with in the UDO manager as well.
So this makes me think it's not only data movement of graphs between the 2 servers (AIS and JAS to visualise) but also wherever E1 is getting the UDO specs from in edit mode.

What are the kinds of things and setup we should be looking in order to get these graphs runnig more faster. Some are quite quick but others are not and as mentioned even getting the specs and clicking SAVE in edit mode takes ages.

Also, when you do finally get the data showing, if you leave the page and come back you have to wait a further 5 - 10 min for data to reappear


FYI future readers.
Thanks for the help lol ;)

We haven't implimented all of them yet.

First step is we are trying out P46001X, Warehouse Manager. I've made it load a lot faster by splitting the queries out from the watchlists and the actual APPL for the data (Run when selected unticked) and adding a default MCU to F40095 for me. I also added TRDJ >= - 6 month (but we may need an index now)

We will get the new hardware and check these settings etc, but they seem to make sese to me now....after a 2 week window of geeky reading and learning how they function (moving data from JAS to AIS and back etc) lol