E9.2 UX One Delivered Roles


I am exploring UX One Roles with pre-delivered landing pages.
I would like to hear from the community: Do you use UX One Roles in your installs? Which one do you use? Or what pre-delivered components of a UX One landing page do you find useful?
I am specifically interested in those involved with work orders, manufacturing, inventory, procurement.
I stumbled at the first hurdle. Some (a lot) of content uses demo data (BP 30 for instance). But CNC installed in DV which is not demo data. Next hurdle, the dependencies. So many objects to approve/share. Someday I will make a priority again and ask for ESU's to be installed in Pristine (which is another hurdle) and share all.

What I've done "to get by" is look at the applications used and view examples in the documentation and gain inspiration to create my own. Sales module has been my priority and I've done well ... especially when using Form Extension to add fields not shown by default.

I am also interested in a more meaningful reply from someone else ;)
Here is my summary for Manufacturing UX Roles:

Manufacturing - Production Scheduler (PRODSCHJDE) - Content: MRP Messages and Quality Management Test Results for watchlists. Not sure what value these bring to Production Scheduler (Planner). We do use MRP in our facilities. It would be nice to see past due work orders or short materials instead.

Manufacturing - Production Manager (PRODMGRJDE) - Pretty much the same pre-delivered content. Messages and QA Test Results. Looks like a duplicate.

Manufacturing - Plant Manager (PLANMGRJDE) - Number of Overdue PM-s. - What Plant Manager is looking at overdue PM-s? Maintenance Cost by Period - Not something I would put on a landing page (not a primary concern). And again MRP messages (just the count). I haven't seen Plant Managers who cared much about the number of MRP messages their planners are dealing with.

First verdict - Waste of resources. No useful information at all.

Please, somebody tell me I am missing something.
Hi folks

I am playing arounf with these, especially the P46001X WMSMGRJDE one for Warehouse Management. I can't see anything even thouth each queries works.
Are these actually hard coded somewhere to only work under a certain role or something?

Can I use it under a different role?
Also, how did you guys get around branch plant security and super users who should see ALL MCUs