Using WINSQL with JDE E1 9.1 to interrogate tables

Pat Clarke

I’m looking for a bit of technical advice. I have many years of JDE World experience and am very familiar with the JDE Database. However I am currently doing a short term contract with a JDE E1 9.1 customer , writing some technical specs. Whilst I am aware of data browser my preferred method of accessing the JDE E1 data I need is via SQL. With DB2 I would often have a series of SQL queries written in WINSQL Lite. I am hoping to be able to do the same in JDE E1 9.1. That is my question. Can I run a statement like "Select * from f4801 where wadrqj>118220 and wadrqj<118227” in WINSQL to retrieve the data that I require.

I don't know why not. all you should need is the proper credentials and ODBC driver.