Using MQSeries in OW.


We are an AS/400 shop converting our World apps to One World. We currently have some interfaces that use MQSeries to communicate job requests, and are looking at our options for OW. So far we are looking at two possibilities. (Please keep in mind that we will be using MQ to submit UBE's in OW, with the AS400 as our enterprise server.)

1. Keep MQSeries interfaces external from OW and use CL and RPG programs to monitor and read the queues. Once read they will execute RUNUBE to trigger the jobs in OW. This process currently works, but we have not tested the RUNUBE portion.

2. Incorporate the interfaces into OW and write new API's using a C BSFN to monitor, get, and retrieve messages. Once read, I am not sure of the best way to submit the UBE to run. I have researched adding a record to the Subsystem Job Master file (F986113). Is this the best way, or does someone have something better?

Is there anyone out there who has been down this road before? If so, I would like to hear any comments or recommendations you may have.

Also any feedback about using RUNUBE, or preferred methods of submitting UBE's within OW would be appreciated.

AS/400 (ES), Windows NT , XE B7333 15.1, Terminal Sever