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using JDBJ to connect application data


Hi , i am a not a JDE specialist, and work as an architect to build data integration solutions. We are building a solution by using JDBJ to read data from JDE. Our solution will be used by many customers who may have different types of database (Oracle, SQL Server, UDB, AS400 etc).

since we use JDBJ, will my solution work seamlessly across all environments independent of the type of backend database used. provided that we configure the JDBJ related ini files appropriately pointing to the right database drivers.


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I suggest you use the Data Access Driver (DAD) instead of trying to use JDBJ calls directly.

See: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E53430_01/EOTIN/jdbc_driver.htm#EOTIN00457

Since your requirement is read-only the DAD should meet your needs, i.e. a read-only view of JDE data with all the conversion such as decimals and Julian date conversion done for you. It ultimately uses JDBJ but I feel it is a more supported route than using JDBJ directly.

You should be able to query JDE data on the platforms/database versions support by the tools release for the DAD and associate JARs that you make use of.