E9.2 Using Cache with applications and UBE


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Can't use cache with application and UBE?

Cache, Failed to create interactive and send to UBE
- success : interactive to interactive(different Object ID) , UBE To UBE(different Object ID)

B4302790 : Cache, Select and Search F4311 and F43121( Jobnumber, ProcessID)
Or CacheProcessXXXXX

Test : JDE920(Server, client), StandAlone920

ref : https://www.jdelist.com/community/threads/using-cache-with-applications-and-ubes.38854/
Using Cache with applications and UBE\'s

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The referenced link you have above has your answer... the UBE will be running in a different process than your APPL. It's really as simple as that.

JDE Cache is storage of data in memory. Since it uses memory to store the data and memory is not shared among different processes, a cache created in one process is only valid in that same process.

Think about using a work file (a table whose purpose is store temporary records) instead. Store records in the work file for a given key value (I like to use UKID as the column) and pass the UKID value from the APPL to the UBE. When the UBE is finished, delete the records from the temporary table for that UKID value.