Using Advanced Cost Accounting (cost objects) with AR GL Cash Receipts


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Has anyone had any previous experience in situations where a check is received and you are using the AR process cash receipts to do a General Ledger receipt, but you want to book this to an account that requires a cost object? The application that we enter the GL string, P03B0001, doesn't seem to have anywhere that we can add the cost object type 1 and cost object 1 fields into the entry screen to allow this information to be captured when entering the receipt, requiring the monies to be posted to a clearing account, with a JE to move the cash to the appropriate ledger account and cost object.

Does JDE have any way to support this within the AR module? If so, please let me know. I've looked at the processing options of P03B0001 and P03B102 which are the two applications used in this process and am unable to see a way to display these fields to allow data entry.

Thank you in advance!