Users logged into which environment


Does anyone know if there is a way to see which users are logged into which
environments through OneWorld? Thanks

Info: Our users have their own id's which are set up into groups, where the
security is defined.

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Go to UTB and look at F0093.
You can see what users have security access to an environment, but not who
is currently logged in to an environment.

This is great for checking who has CRP(PY for us Xe users)access or not.

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Have you used the SAW application? (server admin workbench). You can view who is currently logged onto the system through that, you can get setup information from the knowledge garden, or from me. You can't tell what environment they are in for thick/fat clients though.

Also, if you have web clients, there is a web SAW application that will show you tons of information, such as who is logged on, and to what environment, how long theyve been on, etc etc.

You access it by the following url:

You cannot boot users from these SAW system to my knowledge. Only by disbaling their account and hope they get out soon, or be killing their system user and risk perhaps an integrity issue.

Hope this helps, reply ro send me an email if you want to know more.

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Search for netmon.ext on your fat client. The program will tell you which fat clients are logged on. It should be in D:\B7\system\bin32\.


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