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Ricardo Paz

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.Hi list:

I applied SP 16.1 yesterday, and since then all the user overrides are a
real mess...
I've deleted several of them, but when I try to create them again, I get the
Invalid Overwrite or read...bla.bla..bla...Error.
I called Denver but not answer up to now

Anybody out there with any good idea

OW B73.3.2 SP 16.1 / NT 4.0 Sp 6a/ SQL 7.0 (XE and Win2000 soon)

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Ricardo :

I've already seen this error, check that your clients have IE 5.01 SP2
or higher. It's related to the MSXML.DLL file, used by JDE to handle
user overrides. This DLL was modified on the transition from IE 5.01 SP1
to IE 5.01 SP2, and OneWorld needs that specifical MSXML.DLL file.
Shortly : upgrade your client browsers to IE 5.01 SP2

If i am not mistaken, JDE recommends that you delete all your user overrides prior to applying the service pack. It is a pain in the @?/!, but I think that is the way you have to do it. You may have to delete all your user overrides, and then recreate them. Check the knowledge Garden first, as I think they have documentation on this.

KEvin Benjamin
We have run into the same problem after installing 16.1. We had the
document which recommed the deleted first but it wasn't for Xe so we hoped
for the best as we had heard the user overrides where redesigned for 16.1.

After calling JDE the recommeded solution is still the delete option. The
"good" news is that this is fixed in SP17 as user overrides have been
re-designed fot this service pack....

/ Ian

Xe, Oracle 8, NT
If you do not want to take IE5+, you can get the MSXML.DLL file from a IE5+
machine (I used IE5.5) and register it with the troubled machine.
1. %sysroot%\system32 rename existing MSXML.DLL to "MSXML.DLL old"
2. Copy updated MSXML.DLL to %sysroot%\system32
3. Start CMD and change to %sysroot%\system32 directory
Should see a success message. Now retry your user overrides.

This process was successful in our WTS farm with IE4.0 (disabled).

OW EX UD1 SP16.1 SQL7.0 SP2

David Roy