User Overrides!


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Hi everyone,

We have added a new column onto an existing screen, but there are 1700 user override grid formats on the screen in question!

This means that the new column will be pushed to the right on every user override, which is an issue because many people cut and paste information onto the screen.

I can't change them all manually, so does anyone know of a trick that can be performed in this situation to put the new column in the correct place? I know the UO information is stored in BLOB format thus making any mass update difficult.


delete from copd910.f98950 where uouser = 'user2'

create table copd910.f98950bk as (select * from copd910.f98950 where uouser = 'user1') with data;

update copd910.f98950bk set uouser = 'user2';

insert into copd910.f98950 select * from copd910.f98950bk;

drop table copd910.f98950bk;

This is a SQL script that I use to copy user overrides from one user to another. This can be modified to copy from one user with the new column, to the rest of the users.

basically you "can't" do it (well you could - but it would be a lot of research to figure out how so basically no).

The approach we use in such instances is to delete all instances and create a new "PUBLIC" default with the column in the desired location.
Hi Larry,

Yes, I kind of knew it couldn't be done, but it's always worth asking in case someone has a magic trick up their sleeve.

We've decided to send a mass e-mail to all users with simple instructions explaining how to drag and drop the column and save the UO. Could be worse I suppose.

Thanks for the replies.

Tim - that's really the safest thing to do. I've taken that route a few times, sometimes people whine - but then I'll randomly stop JDE services and use system down as a diversion!

(I kid, so please - no posts lifted from MoS about the downside of bringing down services in the middle of the day for nefarious purposes... ahem...)