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Has anyone experienced problems with user overrides. Before you answer that, let me give you some more details. We where at first experiencing major problems with User Overrides. Our users could not set up any new formats, and so on. We then realized that it was a security issue, because in B732 (Version we came from), you did not need to secure the table, but in XE you had to secure the user overrides table. After this was done, users could create new user overrides, and they would save...or not! Formats seemed to save for some applications but not others. This lead me to delete every entry in the USer Override table. Once this was done, again things seemed to be working correctly, but again some users under certain applications can not get the user overrides (formats) to save. WE are also experiencing problems with forms staying maximized when you get back to them, etc. My understanding is that Min/Max settings are saved at the client, while formats are saved in User Overrides. At any rate, I was wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing this problem, and how it was resolved.


Kevin Benjamin
OneWorld Admin
XE SP15.1, Update 1, AS400, NTSQL, Citrix

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we are experiencing a similiar problem with formats/user overrides under XE but have not resolved them as yet. They work for some users some of the time but not for all users all of the time. It does not appear to be a security related problem since IT people with complete access have experienced the problem also. This has been a low priority up til now ... but will soon gain more visibility as we get closer to our cutover to XE (July 1).

Please keep me/us informed on your progress.


Larry Jones
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
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Some ideas...
Check the permissions set on F98950 at database level.
Check P98613. Remove the F98950 entries, if any exist.

Do you have 'save settings on exit' enabled? If not, enable it. If already
enabled, check the registry permissions on the JDE keys for each client that
is having problems saving the min/max settings. Set everyone, or your OW
group, to have full control (including subfolders).
My understanding from JDE, is that the user override problems should be fixed in SP 16. These have been driving us crazy for a long time.
Dave Yaeger
JDE Financial & Procurement Implementation Team
fax 716-879-2305
OneWorld B733.1 sp11.3, Oracle 8.05, NT4.0, Citrix WTS
going to Xe,SP 15.1 SQL 7.1 WTS 2000

Praxair Inc.
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OneWorld B733.1 sp11.3, Oracle 8.05, NT4.0, Citrix WTS
going to Xe
Does not appear to be a permissions problem in SQL. I have removed all entries from F98950 via SQL, but the problem still remains. The odd thing is, that people who were not having problems are now having them. This is probably due to the fact that the formats already existed. The formats appear to work better if the users only setup one or two at a time, and then exit OneWorld through the File menu/CLOSE, and File Menu/EXIT to quit oneworld.

Save settings is on.
I will check into the registry settings.


User Overrides disappearing
I have noticed this problem when I load an update package for the
environment the user is using especially if the package contains modified
applications. But it seems to be hard to actually pinpoint the time as our
users are little slow in responding in notifying the help desk. I'm trying
to find a pattern that may show what the problem is. It has only just been
occurring, will keep you notified if I find the root to the problem, but
keep me posted if you do.

B7332 SP15.1 NT4/SQL7.0

Chris Koloszar
An update to the situation!

I have confirmed with JDE that SP16 will indeed address the User Overrides issue. Get this...They told me that it does not address any specific problems, just that they felt it needed some work. Apparently they are overhauling the entire User Override process. For one, it is no longer going to use cache to store the overrides in memory, but instead will write the user overrides to the table as soon as the user exits the form. Instead of using binary, they are switching to XML, etc. You do not usually overhaul a program unless it is causing some serious problems. Anyway, I think that there are a lot more poeple out there complaining about user overrides. At any rate, I turned on debugging to capture some data for JDE from one of the workstations that was having the problem, and wouldn't you know it...the formats saved in the table. I have had this happen before when I have turned on debugging. It had to do with the fact that when debugging is on it slows down OneWorld dramatically, and this seems to resolve the problem. We had it happen in our previous version, and JDE had to get FarPoint to rewrite there grid DLL for us.
Anyway, I am going to turn debugging on, on another machine to see if i can get the formats to stick. If it works, I can at least make them happy until we can install SP16.

Kevin Benjamin
OneWorld Admin
XE SP15.1, Update 1, AS400, NTSQL, Citrix


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There is a known bug with AS/400 and user overrides. The corresponding records in F98BLOB (in Central Objects) for the user overrides don't always get deleted properly. So, if they have ever set up an override for any given app, delete it, and then re-add it again, it can get corrupted by the errant F98BLOB record.

I'm not sure which SP is supposed to fix it.

JD Nowell
OW: B7332
ES: AS400 V4R4 CO: DB2/400 SP: 11.2
Users: 250 TSE Users: 100
Our Central Objects are on the Deployment Server (NT SQL 7 SP3). The same problem can occur on SQL as well. I had to delete every entry in the F98950 table in SQL, and then have every user recreate their overrides. Unfortunately it works for some, and not others, and then starts working for the others, and not for the some. If you can follow that. Basically, i am saying it is flaky, flaky, flaky.
I did the test, and left the debug mode on while the user setup overrides, but this did not work. However, when the user logged off, we received a curious error message:
TITLE = "DDE Server Window:eek:explorer.exe - Application Error"
Message = "The instruction at "Ox77f64Bab" referenced memory at "####". The memory could not be "written".

I realize that the specific memory address is of no importance, but I find this curious. Apparently other users experience this when they close OneWorld. My guess is that OneWorld is not able to write the information out of Cache to the F98950 table, as this the last entry form OEXPLORE to the JDEDEBUG.LOG, but does not complete before the error occurs. The oexplorer.exe was still open, as I was monitoring it with the Task Manager, and it did not close until I hit OK to the error message. Has anyone seen this before?
Here is the word on USER OVERRIDES IN XE SP 15.1 or previous.


JDE has confirmed that User Overrides (Regarding Formats, etc) will be fixed in SP16. There is nothing that we can really do until SP16, so get your self on the list to receive the final version of this SP. You can get an early release, but then you open yourself up to potential service pack errors, etc.

My theory is that because JDE writes all the formats to CACHE, OneWorld can not handle too many changes. This is why you may get DDE SERVER *** Error message when you try to close OneWorld. It is trying to write the information from CACHE to the F98950 table and it can't, because there are too many changes to write. This is why it is hard to reproduce, because you usually do not create as many format changes as other users. This is also why not everyone experiences the problems, because they may only change a few formats.

I have found that if you get your users to go into OneWorld, setup one application with column changes, new tabs, etc, and log out of Oneworld that the formats will save. This is assuming that they do not setup too many tabs with too many changes within the application. My advice would be to test this with one of your users. Have them setup formats for one application (form, screen), and then close the application, and exit OneWorld. Then go back in to OneWOrld and check to see if the formats stuck. If they did, get them to follow the same process with each application they need to setup, only doing one at a time, and then signing out. This may seem tedious, but at least you will only have to do it once, and then their formats will be there. This way the wait for SP16 won't seem so long. I am going to fully test this theory later today, so take my advice carefully, because who knows how OneWorld is going to act. However, upon initial tests, the formats seem to be saving when done with this approach.

GOOD LUCK, and I will let you know how SP16 goes when we get the update in a couple of weeks.


We are also experiencing problems with this also. Users log in the next day
and custom tabs are missing. So I've been following your email and hoping
that SP16 will solve this. I went to KG2 to view the contents of SP16 which
JDE so kindly produce in Excel format, but failed to find any reference in
there to address the problem. Could you be kind enough to give me some
indication as to what SAR has addressed this and whether it is in SP16?
Chris Koloszar
Vegro B.V.
NT4.0 B7332 SP15.1 SQL7.0 SP3