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In F0005, the field DR-RT specifies the type of code. Example: In F4101 inventory item master, there is a field IM-PRP1 which is commodity code. The values of these commodity codes and their descriptions are stored in F0005, where DR-SY = 41 and DR-RT = P1. Question: what table shows that P1 = commodity code and F0005 records with DR-RT = P1 will display in F0101 item master as values for field PRP1 ?

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I'm not sure I understand your question but F0004 is the UDC types table.
This will give you the description for 41/P1.

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I'm not sure if this will answer your question or not, but in the DD item
PRP1 shows the udc 41 p1 is used for editing. Is that what you are asking?

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The RT field is defined by you when the table is created, it is not contained in any table. What is confusing is the fact that SY is specified in F0005 leading you to believe that this is also the case for RT.