Use of F0101/ABRMK


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Dear List

Which APPL or UBE has any impact on F0101/ABRMK or ABALP1. We need another free data field in F0101 table and like to misuse them. Are there any impacts on other APPL or UBE if these fields have any non-blank values.

Thanks Roland.

OneWorld Xe, SP15, ENT and DEP on NT4.0/SP6, SQL Server 7.0


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Roland, you can see all of the dependencies by running a Cross Reference on
the F0101.

If you're looking for available fields then OneWorld provides several user
defined fields in the F0101, F0301 and in the F0401. These field begin with
UR__. I suggest using one of these before grabbing one that may cause you
problems in the future.


Colin Dawes, MSc
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