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Use Data Sel/Seq


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I am curious as to exactly where this system function gets its data and how it works.

Here is what I am doing:
- Running UBE A with run-time data selection
- UBE A calls UBE B (which has the same bsvw as UBE A)
- UBE B calls 'Use Data Sel/Seq..' in the Initialize section for the UBE A report and version

Here is what I am seeing:
- When testing it locally, if I enter data selection at run-time it does NOT work (it does not 'see' run-time changes...only the static values that are stored in the version).
- When run on the server, it does pick up the data selection as entered for UBE A ( all works as expected )
- When more than 1 UBE B is running concurrently on the server, it appears that UBE B uses only the last submitted data selection from UBE A ( much like Scheduler works ).

So question #1:
- Does this system function only work on the server?
- It appears as though it gets the selection from latest run (just as Scheduler works)... can anyone confirm this?

Thank you,


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Hi Jeremy,

Had you been ever able to retrieve and use run-time data selection of a "parent" UBE A in a "child" UBE B?




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Sorry, but I cannot remember the details of that project at all. From my original post, it appears it worked fine when running on a server (as long as there were no other 'child' UBE's running concurrently).

I can only assume that the system function looks at the 'latest' specs that exist on the server for the given report/version.




E1: RDA: Event Rule System Functions to Modify Data Selection and Data Sequence (Doc ID 1488886.1)​

Use Data Sel/Seq from a Section
The system function enables using the data selection and/or data sequencing of a given (source) section of the report in the current (target) section. It also allows the use of data selection and/or data sequencing of a source section from a different report

Group/VersionA valid report|version
<Current> : current report|version
<Define Group|Version> : specific report|version (e.g. R014021|XJDE0001)
SectionA valid section from the list of sections available in the report|version. A valid section is one that is attached to a business view
FlagDetermine whether data selection only, data sequence only or both data selection and data sequence will be used. Valid values: <Selection Only>, <Sequence Only>, <BOTH Sel & Seq>
The system function retrieves the data sequence only and does not retrieve the level break information defined in the data sequence

The business view attached to the source and target section must be compatible and share the same data items

If the business view is a join business view, the same business view must be attached to the source and target sections per Bug 10808736 USE DATA SEL/SEQ AND JOIN BSVW

Starting with SP 23_X1 and, when the source section is the Driver section of the report and data selection and data sequence are entered at run time for the source report|version during report submission:

  • The run time values are used when the source and target sections share the same report|version
  • When the source and target sections do not share the same report|version, the run time values are used only when the source and target report|version are run on the server. The run time data selection and data sequence of the source report|version must be submitted to the server using the Advanced option > Submit version Specifications Only before submitting the target report|version to the server
  • It is not possible for a child UBE to use the runtime data selection of parent UBE which was given by user just before submission of UBE. An enhancement request Bug 25836530 ALLOW RUNTIME DATA SELECTION OF PARENT UBE TO BE USED BY CHILD UBE USING SYS FN is logged to request this functionality