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.Greetings all ...

I am setting up the program that will create state unemployment insurance magnetic media files (Menu G05BG2, Option 2, Appliation P074001R/ZJDE0002).

It appears that P074001R ...
1. presents the user with a form to select the states to be processed
(from file F074001R)
2. submits UBE R0740 which,
3. R0740 submits the UBE found in BC ReportId and BC ReportVersion for each record in F074001R where field NHSTRNH = "1"

The manual states "When you generate the magnetic media files, the system uses the Table Conversion program to create a flat file in the export folder on your workstation. The conversion programs must be mapped to run in your local environment. You can run reports locally or on the server."

My Questions:
Which program gets mapped locally? R0740 or the ones in "BC ReportId
(F074001R)"? or both?
How does the program in "BC ReportId (F074001R)" know to print or create a text file?
Where does it tell the UBE the name of the file to create?

KG Search was no help.


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Ray Justus

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When you submit a report for processing, two UBEs run. One creates a paper report and the other creates the file you copy to a diskette. In the State Un[censored] Report application (P074001R) each record displays both UBEs. The Report UBE column creates the paper report. The Report ID New Hire Detail File column creates the magnetic media file. Both UBEs should be mapped to run locally.

Before submitting the reports, create a folder named Export under the appropriate PD7333, PY7333, DV7333 folder on your local drive. The magnetic media file will be written to that folder. The file name will vary based on the state. When we copy our files to a diskette, we have to rename them to the name each state designates. I wish JDE would use the required names but they don't.

Important Note: When you do a full package install to a workstation you will lose the Export folder. You have to manually recreate it each time. We make it a practice to create both an Export and an Import folder whenever we do a full package install.

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Ray ...
Thanks for the reply. We eventually figured it all out.
The tip about the full package build make sense, but I admit I never thought about that.

Again, thanks!

XE sp:14 ES:AS/400 Citrix, NT, 2000