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Uploading BOM


Our organization is in the process of merging data from an ASK ManMan system into JDE World files. For the most part this is a simple process and we are making progress. Our problem is with the Bill of Materials files. Does anyone have any experience or advice related to uploading BOM's into JDE from a flat file passed from a non JDE system?

Merry Xmas and thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Dave Mabe
AMT Datasouth

JDE World 7.3 cume 11
AS400 v4r1
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Are you aware of the Bill of Material and Routing Conversion tools offered
by JD Edwards. If you are interested contact the following:

Alan J. Ruben
Sr. Technical Consulant, Midwest Area
630-818-1437 Phone

We used them and the worked great.

Thank You:

Paul Braithwaite
Systems Manager
TriMark Corporation
E-Mail paul.braithwaite@trimarkcorp.com
Phone: 641-394-1044
Fax: 641-394-1501


We just wrote our own upload to file F3002. Only trick to to make sure you get all the default fields that entering through the screens usually set. The one we missed was the second unit of measure field UOM. Also, you need to be careful if you are moving over the line sequence #s. These can be reset when new parts are added to the bill. We ended up taking our original line numbers (which corresponded to the "bubble numbers" on the actual documents), and updated the bubble sequence number.