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We are B7332 SP13.3 on AS/400, CO on AS/400, fat clients

Running the R01010Z address book upload program in DEV and CRP is OK both
locally and on the server. However, running the same UBE in PROD is OK
locally but not on the server. The server run gives us a clean report
showing no errors and the flag changed to indicate that each record has been
updated. The message to the Work centre shows success but none of the
records have been updated to the F0101.

I have had a call open with JDE for days now and they have the logs which
clearly show failures e.g. COB0000012 - GetProcAddress failed CALLBSFN
function jdeInitEnvBSFN Error = 0. There is one of these for each record in
the Z file but I have yet to get an explanation as to what this means.

Anyone seen this before or had a similar problem?

The interesting thing is that the PROD package was the first full
client/server package built since SP13.3 was applied. We have had a lot of
errors in logs that I reported but was told that I could ignore them as they
referred to Xe! Call me paranoid but I don't like error messages that I am
told to ignore.


Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
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