Upload Item Location (F41021Z1)



Anyone can help me how to upload data from flat file to F41021Z1 and then to the Item Location (F41021), because there are no Available on JDE Menu (for Inbound).



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We also could not find a way to import F41021 (and F4102)from Z files.
We had to load them directly (from Access, via SQL-queries). It worked,
for several hundred thousand records. As far as I know there were no
problems (I was a technical specialist in this task, writing SQL
statements, validation was done by application consultants). If you
choose this way, take extreme care to fill all text fields appropriately
padded with spaces (MCU on the left side, others on the right side),
also numbers are stored without decimals.

Another way is to write a custom UBE.

Vladimir Ponomarev
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Hi Vladimir,

Thanks For Quickly response, So we can directly upload the flat file to F41021 (Item Location).



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I have also recently done this. You need to be careful because entries need to be created in several other related tables as well. The tables we needed to populate were; F41021, F4108, F4111, F4602. We didn't have the benefits of being able to use SQL so we found the easiest way to do it was to get all the data from the legacy system in an excel spreadsheet in the correct format and then cut and paste it into the grid on the P4114 application, as though entering an inventory adjustment.

It's not an ideal (or very technical!) solution, but it was quick and it saved us having to validate data entered across multiple tables which could have been very time consuming.



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RE: RE: Upload Item Location (F41021Z1)

Anton, Jane,

I would pretty much agree with Jane - copy/paste is a lot easier then
SQL scripts. But, I think I have mentioned it, we had more then 100'000
(hundred thousand) records, and copy paste was not an option.

We were uploading item master and item balances via cycle count, and
were loading the following tables: F4101z1, F4102, F41021, F4105z1,
F4141z1. F4111 will be updated by the cycle count, and F4602 was not
involved (I don't even know what it stands for, if it's pricing, then we
did not need it, otherwise I don't know). If you need to know more, what
and how to load - search for an e-mail by Rafal (rmolas in the List if I
remember correctly), who explained it in detail (it was a couple of
month ago).

A hint - if you are uploading a huge number of records (as we did) - try
loading items and everything from Z-files in several batches, in
parallel. All of UBE's, which are used, support parallel processing, and
they are not very resource hungry (5 Item Master Z-file postings running
in parallel took only 65% of processor time on 3way HP box (Oracle)
(compared to less then 10% for one UBE, which is a waste of computer
power, IMHO)). Decrease in run time is quite significant (from 3 records
per second to up to 12 per sec in our case). Unfortunately, it is quite
dangerous to run a different type of Z-posting UBE in parallel (you cant
post item costs while you are still posting item master records - messes
things up). But you can load F41021 independently from F4101 (just make
sure you don't have any orphans in the end), because it's just SQL.

Good luck,
Vladimir Ponomarev
B733, B7331, B7332, XE (mostly XE at the moment); SQL 7.0, Oracle 8.1.5,
DB/400 (mostly SQL); Wintel, HP, AS/400 (mostly Wintel)
PS: Process was run in B7332, SP13.3 on HP UX (3way, 2Gig RAM), Oracle
8.1.5i, UBE's were run on enterprise server, SQL was run in Access via
native (not MS) ODBC drivers, your mileage may be different.
PPS: Hi there, Rafal.


We have recently loaded inventory, during data migration, using a custom program built around the cycle count process.
There is a bit of infrastructure that needs to be created but the cycle count provides good auditing.
If you are not already well under way I can supply code used.

Tony Brady.


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Let me ask a similar question --- I would like to load Item Master and Br/Plt data from the CRP environment to my Xe standalone version on my PC... How can I do this?
It seems I should be able to
(1) create an outbound flat file from the CRP environment and send it to my PC via e-mail (only 100 items).
(2) Then use an inbound conversion program to convert the data...
Does JDE provide such programs?
How do I tell the location of the flat file?



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Hi Rob,

You could do it that way (using JDE table conversion routines, though you'll
have to write these) but I'd be more tempted to use access.

Create a new access file. Then select File, Get External Data, Import.
Change the Files of Type to be ODBC and switch to the Machine Data Source.
One of these data sources should point to your data base, if nothing seems
obvious we can always create one. You'll then be prompted for a User name
and password, if you don't know these your DBA will. You'll then be
presented with a list of all the tables that the ID has access to. From the
sounds of it you'll want crpdta.f4101 and crpdta.f4102, so highlight these
and hit ok. You'll now have two tables in your access DB. Now wiz this off
the machine with demo junior on.

All the tables used by demo junior are stored in an Access database called
jdeb7.mdb which can be found in \b7\demo\data (at least for B733.x though I
doubt if this has changed for XE). You should be able to write a simple
append query to add data from your extracted tables into the ones in here.

It's a lot easier if you've a machine which can see both databases though as
your e-mailing the file to your PC I've assumed you haven't.



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You could fill the F47121z1/F47122z1 files and run R47121 from G47241 using product activity code QT (Adjustment to inventory) and this will fill all the files you need.



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