Upload A/P, A/R, FA Opening Balances using Z Files.


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From my research, I have found the below applications can be used to upload vouchers, invoices, and fixed asset master records.

P0411Z1 - Batch Voucher Revisions
P03B11Z1 - Batch Invoice Revisions
P1201Z1 - Inbound Asset Master/Eq Tag Inquiry. For asset balance upload - Update F1202 directly.

Is there any other Z applications to upload only supplier, customer balances ? We don't want to upload vouchers or invoices, we just want to upload the balances for each supplier or customer.

Edit Note: I have to remove the above text in red color after getting some replies.

And now, what is the best procedure to upload opening balances for Suppliers and Customers for a new Company. We just don't want to use journal entries. We need the balance should come from the corresponding modules, then to GL.

As far as I know, I have to do the below steps.
1. Upload opening vouchers in A/P module
2. Upload opening invoices in A/R module

If I am in the right way, where should I start ? ( This is the first time I try this kind of stuff )
Which is the application used to fill F0411Z1 and F03B11Z1 ?
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There are 85 JDE applications that relate to Z tables in 9.1 from my very rudimentary search:

On a JDE client
Fast Path IV
Click the search (torch) icon in the Interactive Application name field
Enter *Z* in the QBE line for the object name column and click find

Browse through the results to see what you can find that will satisfy your requirements.