Upload a file from the Web Client to a UNC share


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Taking off the CNC cap and putting on the Developer cap.

Does anyone know if it is possible (and how if possible) to use the Web Client to open up a Windows Explorer like box, select a file and drop it somewhere on a UNC share that is either user selected or preconfigured to a specific location?

Also is it possible to have the Web Client issue a operating system command or call an executable on a local machine?

Environment is RedStack - Oracle 10g, OAS, E1 9.0.1, Tools




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I went down this road a year or so ago. My requirement may have been nothing like yours however.
My requirement was to make a text file originating from a client PC be available to a UBE running on a batch server (while passing parameters to the UBE).
In the past (FAT Client days) this was not an issue. On a Web Client it was. I determined there were a couple methods possible but not desirable. Either hard to maintain (not supported) or it required turning off all browser security or both.

What I eventually did is the following:

1. Client App (Excel VBA in this case) generates file and then calls a VB Script app - passing params such as file name/location and other stuff.

2. VB Script (executing on Client) copies file from source location to a specific UNC Share on the Batch Server.

3. VB Script then constructs and runs a HTML link to run a JDE application (P55XXXXX) - passing the name of the file and other parameters. Script ends.

4. P55XXXXX in turn when initialized just runs R55XXXXX and then ends - the user never sees a screen for P55XXXXX. File Name and params again forwarded on to R55XXXXX.

5. R55XXXXX uses the File name passed in its argument list to open and process the text file now located on a local drive.

Lot of steps involved I know - but its nearly seamless to the end-user. The only prompts they may have to deal with are log-in and password.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Larry,

I going to try using standard media object functionality to upload a file type media object.

Then I plan to use standard media object functionality and read the F00165 to grab the location and "JDE" name of thje file from the media object queue.

I should be able to perform my tasks directly on the file or if I can't I should be able to move the file to the Enterprise Server or even define a 2nd media object queue that is actually on the Enterprise Server.

Some of the functions that JDE uses in selct places to do this are coded in Java on the Web Server and n"not available for client use" so I have to use the media object functionality.

Basically gets the user a Windows Explorer interface to upload the media object.