Upgrading to Xe


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Hey List,

I'm creating my custom installation plan to upgrade my B733 CRP environment
to Xe PY on the deployment server and had a few questions.

1. When defining the enterprise server information there's a field for
the installation path and I was wondering if I need to put the drive letter
of where it will be installed on the enterprise server in front of
\jdedwaresoneworld\ddp\b733? The upgrade manual isn't really clear.
2. On the advanced parameters screen there is a field for the previous
environment, do I put PYTEMP in there or should it be CRP733? I'm not
really clear as to how the PYTEMP environment is used in the upgrade.
3. After testing and when I'm ready to create a plan to upgrade my PROD
environment what should I put in as the previous environment, still PYTEMP?

I've put in a call to response line as well, but I thought I'd see if anyone
on the list has any experience with this. Thanks for any help,

B733 Base sp 3.2 - SQL 7 sp2 - NT

Justin Walker
OneWorld Systems Administrator
Colorado Christian University
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