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I am trying to figure out how much additional space will be needed on the
deployment and enterprise servers to upgrade from B733 to Xe. I've looked
at the disk space requirements on the knowledge garden, but I won't be
upgrading/installing everything. I need to get more specific, if possible,
I'm limited on hard drive space and need to find out if I need to get some
more hard drives ordered. This is what I've gathered from the upgrade
manual so far, please correct me where I'm wrong. I will only be upgrading
CRP and Production.

Deployment Server:
OneWorld Files: 2.561 GB
Prototype Path Code: 2.871 GB
Production Path Code: 2.871 GB
SQL Server Files: 1.30 GB

Enterprise Server:
System: 134 MB
PY7333: 3.067 GB
PD7333: 3.067 GB
JDE7333 database: 330 MB
JDE_PY7333 database: 2.2 GB
JDE_PD7333 database: 2.2 GB
PYTEMP database: ??? do I need this

From what I understand the existing JDE_PRODUCTION and JDE_CRP Business Data
databases will stay in place and get upgraded, but I will need to make sure
I have space for the 3 new databases listed above. Will I be using the
PYTEMP database to transfer objects in an upgrade from B733 to Xe? Thanks
for any help you can give me.

B733 Base sp3.2, NT 4, SQL Server 7 sp2

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You do need quite a bit of space for the upgrade - since you will have both copies of your pathcodes running. The PYTEMP is just an environment mapping for B733 upgrade - though be careful, B733 to Xe does have its ups and downs !

If you plan to only upgrade 1 pathcode - I'd recommend to upgrade CRP (ie PY) and install Pristine (JD). Heres some recommendations :


Check everything into an existing OneWorld Pathcode - such as CRPB733 - make sure NOTHING is checked out - and that the pathcode works 100%. This is important - if necessary, build a package on the pathcode and watch it run 100% no errors.

Create the PY7333 and JD7333 owner ID's. Create a Database for the pathcodes to reside in (if necessary). Create all the new Xe Owner ID's (OBJ7333, DDB7333 etc) from the scripts.

Remember - you are upgrading the current data to Xe. PYTEMP is only an Environment pointer. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING - I cannot stress that last point, if you are unsure ASK someone. Don't assume.

Spend an inordinate amount of time on the plan. I normally have to run in 3-4 times to ensure I get everything 100%. Check it thoroughly. Give a copy to a freind at get them to check it. Even a Typo can cause nightmarish consequences.

Lastly, the workbench is relatively straightforward as long as the above is adhered to - it will become relatively painless if you check the plan etc etc.

You will need space to build packages - both client and server.

Hope that helps !


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