Upgrading to SP13.1


Hi jdelist,

We are running B7332 on an as400 v4r4 enterprise server with Windows
Terminal Server with about 150 thin clients and about 30 fat clients.

We are currently on Service Pack 10_combo and will be upgrading to SP13.1
tonight (Fri 1/12/00).

Any warnings or suggestions will be very much appreciated!


Jason Attard
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There was a problem with 13.1 for B7332 on AS400 that once the service packwas
installed you could not check out objects, I don't believ that this has been
fixed yet.

We are currently waiting for this to be fixed,


It you upgrade to SP13.1 you will need to install the following HR/Payroll

4610076 4610076 HR/PAYROLL Plan Master Rates
4647688 4663611 HR/PAYROLL Pre-payroll Tax Calculation
4635134 4635134 HR/PAYROLL Basic-Compensation

If you are on B7332 and go to SP13.1 you'll see the Xe logon screen although
you're still on B7332. The R98403 will not run but when we need to run it we
simply rename our old SP11.1 directory on the Deployment server and run the
R98403 and then switch it back to SP13.1. SP13.1 provide a nice status bar
thet indicates the environmant and the current logged in user. If you put in
SP13.1 I'd also recommend putting in ESU # 4325638 which is for a Data
Selection Enhancement. If you need more info on the search the knowledge
garden for SP 13.1. Also their are a couple of problems listed in the
Breaking News section of the Knowlege Garden.


Colin Dawes, MSc
Business Systems Analyst
The City of Guelph