Upgrading SQL 6.5 to SQL 7.0 on B732.2

Our current installation is:

Deployment: Windows NT SP4, SQL 6.5, MDAC 2.1
Enterprise: AS/400 V4R3
OneWorld: B732.2 SP 12.1
World: A7.3

Does anyone see any problems if we were to upgrade our Deployment server to:
Windows NT SP6, SQL 7.0 SP2, MDAC 2.6

Since our OneWorld service pack is 12.1, I know I have to follow the
instructions on document oti-00-0064 "Configuring OneWorld B73.2.x to run
with SQL Server 7.0." And we also have to add TDSError=1 and
ConnectionPooling=0 on every JDE.INI.

As long as we do that, any problems with using SQL 7.0 SP2, MDAC 2.6?

Thank you,

Michelle Dulay
ERP Coordinator
Goodrich Aerospace
Chandler Evans Control Systems
email: [email protected]

OneWorld B7322 with the MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent with World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 Enterprise Server
Windows NT SQL V6.5 Deployment Server
SynQuest V5.07.02
NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)