Upgrading from SQL Server 2008RN to SQL 2016?


Hi there,

We are planning our JDE upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2, and we need to upgrade SQL Server.

I was looking into SQL Server 2016, but the pricing is quite extreme because we are charged per core, and are using VMWare.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a different database system instead of sql 2016?



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Have you confirmed the licensing requirements around SQL Server and virtual machines? VMWare have reasonable article that goes into it at https://cloud.vmware.com/community/...l-server-vmware-cloud-aws-environment-part-2/

If you have the required tech foundation licenses for Oracle then you can migrate to Oracle (would recommend also moving to Linux at the same time) but I'm guessing if your requirements mean your SQL Server license costs are excessive then you'd probably need a licensed version of the Oracle database and Oracle licenses are generally about 3 to 1 in terms of cost when compared to SQL Server.

So, if you can use the red stack license then Oracle, otherwise SQL Server is probably your best bet but check you've explored the licensing properly.


There are some possible savings for SQL Server in a number of areas. Below are a few options that offer other benefits along with savings. These are in addition to the typical savings approaches of Right Sizing, Right Licensing & Right System Optimizations.

(1) Software Assurance
New Product Versions: You may upgrade to the latest version of any underlying licensed product for which you have Software Assurance coverage.

(2) Non-Production Environments for SQL Server
See in the link below "Licensing SQL Server for Non-Production Use"
..licensing a development and test environment can be expensive and challenging to manage as new servers are set up and others are torn down. Microsoft offers multiple, cost- effective options for licensing SQL Server 2016 software for use in non-production environments..
...SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition is a fully featured version of SQL Server software—including all of the features and capabilities of Enterprise Edition—licensed for development, test, and demonstration purposes only.

(3) Stacking SQL Instances
There are good use cases for that.

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