Upgrade to Xe?


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Hi All.

We have struggled through many problems with B7332 over the last year,
and we are now considering the move to Xe.
Since we value the opinion of the corporate community,
(far more than that of the JDE sales staff),
we would appreciate any and all opinions about Xe:

Is it truly a more stable product?
The upgrade is "free", but is the implementation cost worth it?
Does ER Merge really work?
Are there any pitfalls that we should be aware of?
What major enhancements are included?

Please. . . even one line responses are very welcome. . .
we are also interested in determining the general consensus.

Joseph Sadler,
World Vision Canada.
Helping the children of war and poverty, the world over.
B7332 SP11.3, NT SQL 7, AS/400