Upgrade from B733.2 to Xe with SP 16.1


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Hi list,

System Configuration: Enterprise Server: AS/400, Deployment Server: Windows2000, XE service pack 16.1 (several one-off) Update 2

Last weekend I assisted on an upgrade from B7332 to XE. We encountered a problem when running the workbench. We received the following error:

2016/2188 Fri Oct 26 11:24:08 2001 jdb_rq1.c2134
JDB2700003 - CM_GetQualifiedOwner failed

2016/2188 Fri Oct 26 11:24:08 2001 jdb_omp1.c493
JDB9900245 - Failed to find F98611 in cache

2016/2188 Fri Oct 26 11:24:08 2001 jdb_rq1.c1654
JDB3100011 - Failed to get location of table F0000194 for environment JDEPLAN

2016/2188 Fri Oct 26 11:24:08 2001 jdb_exem.c202
JDB2100004 - Failed to open table

After verifying OCM, Data Sources, NT setting, we still had the problem. A month ago when we initially started the upgrade process (CRP and DEV environments), we were on Service Pack 15.1 One-off 010, we did not encounter any problems.

After exhausting every possible change, we finally rolled back the service pack 16.1 to 15.1 and the workbench worked successful.

Our question is: Is there anyone with the same configuration as ours that was able to successfully upgrade to XE or is it really a problem with Service Pack 16.1?

If it is a problem with SP 16.1, here is a good heads-up. We wasted 1 day with this issue.

Adrian Valentim
Valmatrix Consulting Inc.