Upgrade from A73.8 to 11


Hi JDE colleagues,
We just did an upgrade from A73.0008 to A73.00011, the install was
completed normally.
Our platform is an AS/400 this was applied on all environments. We taught
this will just
be a straightforward thing but when we tested all systems are in a mess
even the simple
GL entry.
Any comment, thoughts, is welcome.

Many thanks in advance.



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Well.... SOMETHING must have gone wrong! I've done plenty of upgrades (most
recently cume 8 to 11) and had plenty of things go wrong but there was
always a big honkin' joblog or error message telling me so. Did you look at
your reports under PTF step 1 & 2? Are you sure your library list is
correct? Are you sure you applied the PTF to the environment(s) you are now
looking at? It has to be something "outside" of the PTF install, if that
indeed went fine. Good Luck!