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Upgrade ERP 8.0 - Refresh Control Tables


I am upgrading from B73.3.2 to ERP 8.0. I am trying to follow the Windows Upgrade Guide; currently in chp 4 (Pre-Upgrade Preparation). I want to refresh the control tables as outlined on page 4-16. Step 1requires me to map a number of tables from the Planner Environment for the environment I am upgrading (in my case CRP). Does anyone know what they mean by this? Also, the list of tables includes F91014, which does not appear in the OCM (does appear in the OL though).


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whooooaaaa there....

It seems to me as if you do not understand the fundamentals behind OneWorld CNC best practices. Are you upgrading a customers production system there ?

Have you performed a JD Edwards upgrade before ?

I'm sorry - but I honestly believe that you should definately either do one of 3 things :

1. Get someone in-house thats done many upgrades in the past
2. Get JDE to perform the upgrade
3. Go on the JDE Upgrade training workshop

You are in serious danger of corrupting the specifications for this customers environment. Please take this advice seriously.