Updating Org Structures in batch


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Our company is going to be doing a major reorganization for 2001. Our
standard procedure in the past has been to copy the previous year's
structure and make the small number of changes using the online Structure
Revisions in JDE.

Given the scope of the reorganization, we are contemplating the feasibility
of building the structure with parent/chilld business units outside of JDE
and loading them in. We can easily get structure data out of JDE (using
Worldwriter to extract from the F0050 file), what we're not sure of is how
easy it would be to get the data back into the F0050 file and whether there
are any other files which are updated as part of the online structure
maintenance. We also want to edit the upload file against the F0006
Business Unit Master to verify the business units exist.

Since I'm not a "techie", I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Graham G. Aberdein
(519) 888-3900 x-4293
email address: graham.aberdein@clarica.com