Updating gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 variable outside jdelib


Hi everyone,
We have a requirement to update global static variable 'gbCurrentIsLoadedV3' outside jdelib project. Since it is defined as static we are not able to update the variable. Following are the details

sktools.h file is setting gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 = TRUE when it fetches site key from INI/Server for the first time and adds key details to cache. When we call function to get sitekeys in sktools.h again, it is fetching from cache (since gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 == TRUE and key details are already added to cache).

We are writing a separate program which creates exe file, outside jdelib, to get sitekeys. But we dont want it to get it from cache. We want it to get it from INI/Server each time the function is called. For that purpose, we updated gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 = FALSE in our program before calling function to get site key. But that modification is not carried over to sktools.h file.

Since we cannot modify anything in jdelib/sktools.h file, we thought of updating gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 in our program. But that is not working since it is static. Please suggest some ways to update gbCurrentIsLoadedV3 from our program without updating jdelib project. Or recommend some ways to make the system look into INI/Server each time to get sitekeys.

Thanks in advance.