Updating Check Number


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We have a situation where a clerk reran some checks, starting with the a different check sequence number. Somehow, the first set of checks were sent out - and positive pay was created for the second sequence of checks. Basically, JDE shows a different check number than the paper check that went out.

Is there any harm back-dooring the check number in the F0413? I've been asked to update the JDE Check Number to match the actual check number on the Paper Check.

Thoughts? What am I missing?



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Also keep in mind that the check number appears in the GL tables in the "K" batches. This is where the check reconciliation takes place after the checks clear.


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we do have pre-printed check numbers as we do not have a specific MICR printer. This also happens if you try to write multiple payment batches at the same time as it doesn't sequence in the same order as within the respective batches. When this happened to our users, we opted to maintain a separate file with these one-offs to be able to cross reference against the bank activity for purposes of bank reconciliation and vendor inquiry. We also added an attachment text note to each payment in the supplier payment inquiry for anyone who may not realize a different number was on the check. Thankfully the bank accepted the checks given that the pre-printed number and the MICR line were in agreement, but we had to approve a lot in our bank positive pay due to the mis-matches from our positive pay file vs what the actual check #s on paper were. Otherwise, we opted not to backdoor any data changes in any of the correlating tables, but we were only dealing with about 100 checks.