Update Status Code


Hi List,
I have some orders that are not on hold and some of them are awaiting
approval. I want to move them to rejected or closed status. I tried to
update their statuses through the application P43025 [Work with PO Speed
Status Update] but I cannot view them when I enquire by any of the following
criteria: Order Number, Branch/Plant, Last Status, Next Status.
Does anybody know why ? Is there another way of updating the status
(excluding the manual update on the database directly)? Any other
suggestions are welcome!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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check F4301. Perhaps the orders you try to approve do not have headers.
Sometimes this desintegrity between F4301 and F4311 happens and causes the
mentioned by you issues.

Alexei Martkovich
EY Consult
Oracle 8i, HPUX, B733.2, SP13.3

If the orders are waiting approval you will have to set up versions of PO
Approvals P43081 and the appropriate Order Activity Rules for either
approving or rejecting.

Alternatively you may be able to cancel the lines from a version of PO Entry
P4310 with access rights up to the status of where the orders are sitting.

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Speed Status Update for both Sales and Purchasing is hard coded to not allow
closing orders by bumping them to 999. The reason is that the program would
have to be a lot more sophisticated to close orders. It would have to
remove commitments, open order dollars, etc. To close orders you will have
to go into each one and cancel each line. In World it was easier, you could
close orders by putting a 'D' in the Action Code. Anyone know an easier way
to cancel a multi-line order other than canceling each line?

Andy Klee

Klee Associates, Inc.
J.D. Edwards Certified Professional
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Well done Alexei!
You have spotted it! Soon after I sent my e-mail, the idea of checking the
tables came to my mind and I noticed that desintegrity between F4301 and
F4311/F43199 you have mentionned. Those orders have no detail lines also the
users assured they've input them with details. How do go around this issue?
In my case, I manually updated the approval status in F4209 from 2A to 2R in
order to remove them from the Order Awaiting Approval Screen and ask the
users to re-enter the orders. And everything went fine!


You could check to see if you are writing a history record at PO Entry -
Check Order Activity Rules for your Order Type and Line Type. If you have a
"Y" to write a History record then you can go to Purchase Ledger History and
check for the orders. If there are no details then chances are the users
have hit the "F3" key before confirming the order details.

If you were not writing a History F43199 record then change it to write one.
This will give you an audit trail that can be used the next time a user says
"I did enter the detail lines". It will also give you a chance to win back
the users confidence in the system.