E9.2 Update records on app without QBE


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Hi Orchestrator Gurus ,

Hoping you are able to assist me .

Here’s what I am trying to do :

1. read a JDE table using Data Request with filters as needed - return lease number and LNID ( primary key on lease security deposit table ) - ( returns multiple records ; marked it Dataset1)
2. Pass the lease number and line ID to a Custom Request and get the row number on the form - used NER instead of groovy - returns Row Number ( returns multiple records based on iterate over Dataset1)

I made it work this far

3. Using a form request , I am now trying to update only the lease records based on the row numbers returned by the NER or the Custom Request ( as in step 2)

My orchestration always updates only the last row number returned .
How do I make this work and
what am I missing ?

please help!


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I got this to work

1. Created a Orch with Custom request (NER) which returns row no. instead of a groovy script + form request to update those rows (corresponding to the row no returned by the NER)
2. Created a batch job to call the Orch - I fetched the table (instead of the DataRequest) and called the Orch on step 1

This process works but I am trying to get this all done via Orch instead.

I am working on how to call an OrchB from OrchA - if I am able to figure that out , I can avoid calling OrchB from a batch job.


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The sequence might be different. Better to open the form request and output raw data to the following step which will be a groovy script to find the correct grid row by looking in the json. Then another form request but this time pass in the grid row number and select it.