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Hi List,

I have a couple of questions regarding package builds and deployment. We are using Xe on NT Intel with Oracle database. Service pack 15.1.

Question 1

We create a project in DV7333 with six new objects in it; 3 data structures, 2 business functions and 1 table. The project was promoted to PY7333 and all objects show as being present in DV and PY pathcodes according to the OMW information screen.

We then go to the deployment server to build an update package so that we can make the new objects available to our users in PY. I therefore log onto the deployment server in PY7333 environment and create an update package, based on our last full package for PY and select the six objects using the project name on the appropriate panel. Apart from this we take all defaults on package assembly panels.

We then enter package build and select all fat client workstations (we only have about 10) and our enterprise server. The build returns successful after a short time.

I now log onto the deployment server in the DEP7333 environment and create a new deployemnt record for the package. I select deploy and after a brief while the package deploys succesfully on the enterprise server (or so the report says).

However, when I log on to my fat client, although I am offered the package, it seems to sit a while on the JITI panel and then reverts to OneWorld or to the desktop display.

My questions is, is there any way to know whether the business functions are now on my client or not - the program does not work correctly but I do not know if this the application in general or the business function not being deployed properly. Am I creating the package properly? Update packages have not been used before as we have only just started to do the development promotion and do not want to keep building full packages for one/two application updates.

Question 2
What approach do list users take when applying an update package to windows terminal service servers? We are using Citrix metaframe and get all kinds of trouble trying to install an update package to it.#

The manual says that a change to teh Package.INF is required and then use the Add/Remove programs option with Setup.EXE. What change is needed to Package.INF and how do we get the package onto Citrix?

Any help will be most grateful,

Andrew Stavordale

Xe sp15.1, Windows 2000 Oracle, Citrix Metaframe


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Hi Andrew,

Didn't you missed the address? This is a DEVELOPERs Forum!
Did you send your issue to both OneWorld Forum?

Although I amn't a CNC guy, just a developer, here are some possible problem that I know (only for your Q1):

1.) Have you generated your table in both environment (PY and DV)?
2.) Have you mapped (correctly) your table for both enviroment if it resides not in the DEFAULT (Business Data)?
3.) Have you setup Package Build to rebuild and include the Parent DLL(s) of yor BSFNs?
4.) Have you setup Package Build to generate source for NER and TER when it rebuild the Parent DLL(s) of yor BSFNs?
5.) I have heard some rumour, that there are some problem deploying BSFNs with update package. I can not confirm this rumour but if it is right then try the Full Package!

Please, let us know how resolved your problem after you have done it. Thanks!

Good luck!

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To find out if you have the new bsfns go look at your X:\B7\XX7333\Bin32
directory and look at the dates. If you actually had the new bsfns deployed
to your machine then the MBFs will have a new date. Just some comments and
maybe I am wrong on this others feel free to correct but this seems to work
for us.

Question 1
If I do build an update package on the Deployment server I do it all logged
in as JDE in the DEP7333 environment. I don't ever log into the regular
environments on the deployment server (no particular reason just no need

When I build update packages I normally do it in PY7333 on my fat client. I
also do all of it (i.e define/build/deploy) on my fat client. I do normally
build full packages on the deployment server though just because it is

Question 2
1. Deploy the package to the Citrix box just like any other fat client.
2. Log onto the Citrix box
3. Go into Add/Remove programs
4. Find your \\DEPSVR\B7333 share
5. Drill down to One World Client Install and select setup
6. Run through the normal One World setup for the package

Your done. I do always make sure no users are logged into the box and that
the published app is disabled so no one can log in while the new package is
loading. I've never had to change the package .inf so I'm not sure about
that part.

Mark Siebenschuh
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Citrix servers